Shamanic Healing Temple, Chiang Mai


Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing session lasts typically 2 hours. To prepare for your time of healing, I connect to the spirit world hours before you arrive to uncover your individual needs and medicine.

Shamanic Extractions

During shamanic extractions, misplaced energies and blockages that may lead to physical illnesses and dis-ease are cleared and removed from your energetic and physical body. What does not belong will be extracted and the void will be filled with desirable and delectable energy. This procedure will leave you feeling overall cleansed, lighter and ready for a fresh start.

Soul Parts Retrieval

To mend your soul, missing pieces of your soul energy will be recovered that may have been lost during traumatic experiences in your past. What is lost will be returned. This is a beautiful practice that will leave you feeling more joyful and whole and more connected to your authentic self.

Power Animal Retrieval

We all enter this life with invisible supporters. Some of those are the power or totem animals. When we decide to meet and work with our power animals the connection to these spiritual energies is strengthened and can bring us greater vitality. Meeting your power animal will provide you with additional energy, a sense of optimism and the perception of spiritual support.

Guided Shamanic Journey

A guided shamanic journey will help you explore your personal universe that lays beyond the veil. You will be guided and instructed how to visit the unseen worlds and receive messages from the spirits. Together, we will retrieve answers to questions you may have.

Distance Healing

If you are not able to come and see me in person, I can perform a distance healing session. This is often done in real-time - followed by a Skype conversation.

Soul Guidance

This is a service available for existing clients or on special request if you wanted to make sure that the souls of loved ones have passed safely from this life into the light.