Shamanic Healing Temple, Chiang Mai


You are welcomed into a peaceful and ceremonial space and invited to leave the outside world behind.

Each healing session develops it’s unique and magical tapestry around your personal needs and is informed by what is present in your life and the challenges you may face. Shamanic healing addresses imbalances in your energy system, in your soul and in your physical body. It aspires to restore your natural state of well-being, wholeness and clarity. It cleanses and re-calibrates your energy field and helps to reclaim your power.

A session unfolds with a combination of ancient healing techniques - not unlike an alchemical process - which strip away what does not belong and bring your authentic soul to light.

The shamanic healer sees with the heart and connects to your soul. To facilitate your healing, I connect strongly with the spirit world. I work with the medicine drum, chants and hands-on transmission of energies. The effects of the healing are often felt right away and continue to develop and integrate over time.

Clients report that they feel lighter, more joyful, whole, have a more positive outlook on life, feel empowered, feel more connected to their souls, feel more authentic, feeling a whole new level of consciousness and are filled with peace. Shamanic healing is for you if you don’t feel entirely yourself lately, not living to your fullest potential or lacking power and clarity. You may feel drawn to explore shamanic topics or you may be curious about who your power animal is.