Shamanic Healing Temple, Chiang Mai

My Story

Shamanism found me with a persistent whisper.

As I was always interested in metaphysical topics, soul development and the unseen realms – a gateway to the spirit world opened easily. With the first day of formal training my soul recognized its pre-determined path and I was coming home to my true purpose. That of a healer who practices the old ways and holds the connection to the unseen worlds for the benefit and healing of others. Throughout my healing practice and training I was initiated by the deities of ancient Egypt.

I have trained with the FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies) and am currently enrolled in the Advanced Shamanic Initiations 3-year program. My spiritual roots rest in Tibetan Buddhism and I am a certified Reiki Master. Through offering my service, focus and intention as a shamanic healer, I follow my true calling. I work with absolute integrity and spiritual safeness.